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Ameer Jackson

Born : 1994

Nationality : USA

Height : 193cm

Position : Guard (Scoring Combo Guard)

College : Winston Salem ’17 (NCAA)


2020-21 Season: Shamal (IR)

2019-20 Season : Ezzahra Sports (Tunisia)


2017-18 stats Romania Liga Nationala

37.3 points , 7 assists , 5.2 rebounds , 58.5 % fgp , 44.5 % 3pts , 78% FT


2018-19 AL KHOR -Qatar Division 1

– 1st Scorer of the League with 24.3 points/game
– 8th rebounder of the League with 10.3 rebounds/game
– 10th Passer of the League with 5.8 Assists/game

-9th in Steals with 2.3 steals /game

45.8% FGP 


2018-2019 mid Season Highlights

High basketball IQ and 3-point specialist . Good feel for the game and makes smart plays . Sharpshooter who’s shooting release and form is mechanically sound . Silky-smooth and lighting quick release with a soft touch . Has good balance and accuracy on his shot and releases the ball at its highest point . Nice body control when shooting jumpers and driving/finishing at the rim . Efficient shooter from the 3-point line (shooting 45 percent on 3-pointers) . Great floor spacer . Terrific scoring instincts . Can hit big shots . Possesses a deadly step-back jumper . Makes shots from the corners and at the top of the key .) . Can hit mid-range jumpers  . Tremendous range . Ability to catch-and-shoot and make shots off the dribble . Efficient shooter off pick-and-rolls and while coming off screens . Takes good shots . High-volume shooter and scorer . A crafty and instinctual playmaker who can distribute to his teammates . Willing to make the extra pass around the perimeter . Unselfish player and wants to get his teammates involved . Good ball skills and the ability to drive with either hand . Comfortable with attacking closeouts . Uses screens well to drive the ball ..Does not turn the ball over at a high rate . Can finish at the rim with powerful dunks and adjust to finish at the basket . An underrated athlete with surprising leaping ability .Elevates well off the floor . Has a decent crossover . Moves well without the ball and makes timely cuts . Can run the floor well in transition (sees the floor, makes good passes and can score) . Effectively uses baseline screens to free himself up for shots . When his shot is not falling, he shows up in other areas of the game whether it’s rebounding or defending . He has good strength and size for a Combo guard at the next level and resembles a prototypical high-volume NBA long range specialist . He’s capable of using one or two dribbles and pulling up from 15-18 feet. Can defend and contain players on the perimeter by using his lateral movement . Smart defender, gives good effort and puts pressure on the ball . Is rarely out of position on defense . Uses his hands well to come up with steals and disrupts shots . Exhibits good closeout speed . Overall, he’s confident and tough player with a high motor .


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