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Maya Brewer

Nationality: American

Position: Guard/Forward

Height: 180cm / 5’11”

College: Wichita State

Type of Player: Explosive slasher/Good shooter/Lockdown defender

2020-21 (Rookie) ETHA BC (Cyprus D1)

2021 – Leicester Riders ( WBBL UK )



  • Cyprus Division 1 MVP of the Week (Round 5)
  • Second Highest Scoring Record this week in Europe (according to – 33 points – 09/11/2020
  • Cypriot Cup Final 4 ( 28 points & 11 rebounds in the quarterfinal)
  • First Team All-League in Cyprus Division 1 -2021
  • First Team All-Imports in Cyprus Division 1 – 2021


Scouting Report:

As a 5’11” versatile Guard/Forward, she has solid size and body to play the SG/SF/PF positions without a problem, combining a remarkable wingspan and way above average athleticism.

Her athleticism and leaping abilities make her effective in the open court, both in offensive and defensive situations.

She uses screens and fakes to perfection to create space for shots or penetration to the basket, where she’s able to finish with either hand. She’s an excellent spot up shooter, with both feet on the ground, showing excellent range.  Her maturity and basketball IQ are really impressive,  often playing as a point forward thanks to her handles, passing skills and court vision.  She can be considered a versatile offensive presence, as she excels in drive and dish, creating shots for her teammates.  Her size makes her an excellent rebounder for her position, plus she’s able to guard frontcourt players, giving her coach great defensive flexibility.  She’s really effective playing passing lanes.



vs Tulane: 22 minutes – 15 points – 3/5 2pts – 3/4 3pts – 7 rebounds – 1 assist

vs Temple – 14 minutes – 19 points – 2/5 2pts – 5/6 3pts – 1 rebound – 1 assist – 1 block – 1 steal- 0 turnovers

Career Moments: