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Quinton Doggett

Position: Forward/Center

Born: 24/02/1990

Nationality: USA

Birthplace: Richmond, VA

Weight: 100kg/ 220lbs

Height: 2.06m/ 6’9”

College: Southern ’12

2022 HIGHLIGHTS Taiwan

2019 HIGHLIGHTS  Saudi Arabia

2016-17 HIGHLIGHTS Ukraine

Scouting Report:

Fluid athleticism, incredible length and guard agility in a rare package. Doggett is a game wrecking defensive presence and disruptor . He combines the physical shot blocking package of a huge wingspan and quick leaping ability with a relentless motor and high-level defensive intelligence . In addition to his length, the speed at which he chews up ground allows him to affect shots all over the court . He has phenomenal recovery speed and can cover up the defensive blemishes of teammates . Single-handedly suffocates opponents physically and mentally, as they know all attempts within his vicinity will be heavily contested at minimum. Looks like a natural guarding on the perimeter, with quick feet and exceptional hands for a man his size. Rarely gets into foul difficulty despite his aggressive, attack every shot nature . Doggett uses his freakish gifts on the boards as well, a phenomenal rebounder through all his career.  Not afraid to mix it up on the interior despite his  build . Highly efficient offensive weapon. Predominantly an off-the ball target, cleaning up on alley-oops both off the pick and roll and dribble hands offs . Few passes are out of reach, seemingly able to elevate as high as required. RUNS the court .     A power finisher, his explosiveness of the deck is effortless . Capable of mid-air body adjustments on errant passes. Displays the body control to hang and alter release to finish through a bump . His jump shot form is aesthetically pleasing (great FT shooter too), and its effectiveness drove him to lead in points in most of the teams he played.

He can either pick and roll or pick and pop. Bullet outlet passes are a major strength . Can handle the ball in space with occasional facilitation of the offense, and does not appear limited to straight line drives . A big with guard skills . Dynamic versatility at both ends of the floor makes for boundless profit for his team.


Quinton Doggett- An Unstoppable Force

Ball Handling of an Elite Guard
Shooting of a top class sniper
Athletic abilities of the finest high flyers 
Big Heart 

He was the best player in Saudi Arabia  in 2018-2019 season!
In previous stages of his basketball journey:
•5th rebounder in Portugal
•1st in 3pts percentage in Ukraine
•3rd Scorer in Uruguay
•4th Scorer and 4th rebounder in Qatar
•MVP in Bahrain
•2nd Scorer and 5th rebounder in Vietnam