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Carl Hall

Nationality: USA

Height: 2.02m/ 6’7”

Position: Center/ Forward

Weight: 111kg/ 244.2 lbs

College: Wishita State

Birthplace: Cochran , GA



Scouting Report: 

Carl Hall most definitely deserves to be part of the switch-heavy, new-NBA-fit discussion. A defensive monster who can check almost every position, Hall has a near-Draymond Green-like defensive impact for his teams. Their combine measurements are very similar in fact, although Hall is a hair shorter. With a chiseled upper and lower body, tremendous hip flexibility and outstanding feet, Hall has the strength to battle modern bigs in the post at 240 pounds, the feet to guard perimeter fours and fives, and the agility to switch everything as well as any defender in Europe. Hall isn’t the rim protector of a 7-footer, but he’s a hard-playing big with a tremendous mentality and approach to the game who also provides tremendous versatility defensively and would be a great fit next to any ‘skill’ big.