The Players Pick

Basketball Player Agency

Why Us?

1) We will answer the phone. Everytime. Through my basketball career and with the experience of playing for 6 different agencies, that was one of the main problems. We are there for you 24 7 365! To discuss anything you want, a basketball issue or a personal problem.

2) We will take the time to negotiate and try to make the most for you and not for our own profit.

3) We will be honest to you.

4) We do not manipulate people. Your life, your calls. We suggest, discuss, listen . But you are the one who will take the decisions. We set a plan for every player/coach and we try as a team to build the best possible career he/she could have according to his/her potential.  We will try to make your wish come true(next destination ) or suggest other equal or better options. Players/Coaches have the power, as it should be!

5) We care for your development. We take the time to analyze your game and stats, with video analysts and stats analysts. We let you know about the Strongest and Weakest points of your game.

6) Personal trainers, video analysts, nutritionists, tax services, medical/rehab experts, nutrition advices, Travel Services. Marketing & Communication. We provide you anything you need to make your life easier and focus on playing/coaching.

7) We are a FAMILY . We do NOT have clients.