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Jamal Smith

Nationality: USA/ Dutch (Bosman A),

Born :06/11/1992,

Position : Guard/Forward (2/3)

 Previous pro experience:Belgium, Holland, Italy, China. 

Height: 198 cm

2018 stats: Barletta , Italy (starting five) : 26 points , 8 rebounds , 4.5 assists, 1.4 steals per game

with 59% 2pts , 38 % 3pts , 87 % FT


2019 Highlights Germany :

Jamal Smith is a Forward with great size and possesses the ability to support his team in multiple positions(3-4). Deadly threat for every defense. Top level Rebounder.
His offensive repertoire is so rich that is making him a -must- choice for every team!
One of the top pure shooters on the college level . Prolific outside shooter with a defined role for the international basketball . Right hander who at 6’6 with long arms has good size for the 2-guard position and SF position as well. Shows an excellent feel having been around the game his entire life. Understands his limitations and plays within his game well. Plays well off the ball. Stays active. Works hard to create scoring opportunities. Understands how to create shots for himself off the ball coming off screens . Very good spot up shooter . Comfortable handling the ball and can use the dribble to create shots . Can use his left hand effectively . Shows an advanced in between game with tear drops and the use of the glass . Effectively uses pump fakes to draw defenders off balance . Has perfect form on his shot and deep range. Squares to the basket. Quick, concise, fluid stroke with a high release . Gets his shot off quickly and can do so without needing much space . Exhibits prudent shot selection . Large wingspan allows him to play more athletic than he appears. Can dunk on his defenders everytime, as he is one of the most athletic players out there!  Solid decision maker with a positive a/to ratio . He showed his progression as a defender / anticipation . Extremely level headed, doesn’t show a great deal of emotion or get rattled easily.
FULL GAME – 25 points in 18 minutes vs China!
Career Moments: