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John Fields

ASEAN Basketball League Defensive Player of the Year – 2019

Nationality: American

Height: 205 cm

Born:  March – 30 – 1988

College : Tennessee

2020-21: Sporting Lisboa (Portugal)

Scouting Report: John Fields  has great size, combined with excellent mobility for a big man with his dimensions. He’s always active on the floor, helping his team on both ends of the floor.Offensively he’s really effective in pick and roll situations, showing the ability to finish above the rim after the cut with aggressiveness, furthermore his mobility and coordination make him an effective contributor in creating space for his teammates with solid screens, playing a key role in his team’s  offense. His offensive repertoire includes  dunks and put backs after an offensive rebound, hook shots (right & left hand), spin moves , fakes, while he is a  solid shooter from 4-6 meters area. His full of muscles body makes him an unstoppable force in the paint. He has a soft touch and he’s a solid free throw shooter. Defensively he’s a great pick and roll defender, being able to recover in the painted area after helping on the screen. Plus with his great size and wingspan he’s definitely a great rim protector. According to Players, Coaches & GMs  with knowledge of him, he’s a nice, humble guy with a great work ethic. He has a ‘winner’s ‘ mentality & the fact that he led his teams to trophies in several countries is far from random.


Fayetteville Observer Player of the Year2006

High School First Team All-Conference2006

High School Second Team All-State2006

USA All-Freshmen Team2007

Finland- Korisliiga Honorable Mention2012

Finland- Korisliiga First Team All- Defense2012

Czezh Republic –All League First Team2013

Czech Republic- All Imports Team2013

Belgian Cup Finalist2015

Belgian League – Center of the Year2015

Belgian League – First Team2015

Belgian League – All Imports Team2015

Belgian League – Player of the Week (Round 1)2017

Cyprus League – All Star Game2018

Philippines PBA – Player of the Week (Round 9)2018

Dominican Republic – Regular Season Champion2018

ASEAN League – Player of the Week (Round 4)2019

ASEAN League – Defensive Player of the Year2019

ASEAN League – All-League First Team2019

ASEAN League – Finalist – 2019

Portugal LPB – Player of the Week (x2)2020

Portugal – Cup Winner2020

Portugal – Cup Final MVP – 2020

Portugal – Super Cup Winner – 2020/21

Portugal LPB – Player of the Week Round 7 – 2021



1st picture: @jfieldsut25 2pts percentage during 2020-21 season is out of this world!
72.1%   –    15.0 ppg
2nd picture (swipe right):
The comparison.
The highest 2pts percentages in NBA history.



Highlights vs Panathinaikos (Euroleague)

Highlights vs Olympiakos (Euroleague)

Greek Basket League Highlights:

2020 Highlights – Portugal – Cup Winner 

Highlights – Belgium

Portugal Highlights – 2020

16.3 points & 10.1 rebounds in only 25 minutes per game with tremendous efficiency (60.6% 2pts & 84.0% Free Throws) in Portugal 2020 (Cup Winner)

Career Moments: