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John ”Trey” Britton

Born:  01.06.1989

Nationality : USA

Position : PF/C

Height : 203cm

Outlook:The ultimate “Glue Guy”, Trey’s strongest asset is his ability to contribute across the board . He has a substantial wingspan with a strong frame, and is unafraid to bang with bigger bodies . Good-looking shooter when his feet are set and he catches/releases in rhythm . Can stretch the floor with NBA 3-point range . His vision, passing and ability to facilitate out of the post make it difficult for off-ball defenders to keep their eyes on their man and the ball at the same time . Reliable mid-range jumper . Britton is slippery with his back to the basket, with the ability to spin baseline or turn across the lane for the finish . Terrific rebounder thanks to the combination of an aggressive motor and soft hands . Unselfish and timely passer . Overachiever. High basketball IQ . Makes those around him better, possesses sense of maturity and leadership qualities .  A powerful player who loves to attack the basket. He is unstoppable in 1-vs-1 situations.

He is undersized but his huge wingspan and his phenomenal athleticism combined to his explosiveness allow him to guard taller players and to intimiditate.

He is also a great leaper and reads the opponents game well (blocks and steals).

He runs the floor better than most big men in Europe and he is really tough to stop in transition.