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Milos Petkovic

Milos Petkovic

Born : 29.09.1991. in the Novi Sad

88 Topolski put  …Becej 21220

Born: Serbia

Height: 6ft 9in (204cm), Weight: 220lbs

Positions played : 4/5

Range of hand: 6ft 10in

Central Economic-Trade School Becej completed course: economic technician

Basketball Career

Pioneer League for two years and one years cadet league Serbia

2003-2006  BC ,,Polet-Keramika” Novi Becej

One years cadet league Serbia and two years playing junior league

2006-2009 BC ,, Hemofarm-STADA” Vrsac

Professional career

2009-2010 BC ,,Jedinstvo’’ Novi Becej

2010-2011  BC ,,Jedinstvo’’ Novi Becej  

2011-2012  BC Kozuf Gevgelija

2012  CS U-Mobitelco Cluj Napoca (Romania-Division A, two months,  played all friendly  matches)

2012-2013 BC Steaua baschet

2013-2014 BC Steaua CSM Eximbank

2014 BC Concordia Chiajna (February,March, April)

2014 BC HEO Bileca (September,October,November,December)

2014-2015 BC Issa Town (December,January,February)

2015 BC Pichincha Potosi (April,May,June)

2015-2016 BC Ulcinj (Semifinal)

2016 BC Penarol Quillacollo (April,May,June,July)

2016-2017 BC AND-1  La Paz

2017 BC Faraday  Arequipa (Final)

Professional career

First Serbian league group north

Bc Jedinstvo Novi Becej



First league Macedonia

2011-2012 Bc Kozuf  9 games: 12.0ppg, 4.3rpg

Romania’s second division

2012-2013 Bc Steaua baschet  26 games, 22.7ppg,7rpg, 2as

Romenia first division

2013-2014 Bc Steaua CSM Eximbank  12games, 5ppg ,2rpg

2014 Bc Concordia Chiajna  9games , 15.8ppg, 7.3rpg,1as

Bosnia frist division

2014 Bc HEO Bileca 8games, 12.7ppg, 5.1rpg,1as

Bahrain first division

2014-2015 Bc Issa Town 5games, 25ppg, 15rpg

Bolivia first division

2015 Club Sportiv PICHINCHA 8games, 27ppg,17rpg,3as, 3bl

Montenegro first division

2015-2016 Bc Ulcinj

Bolivia first division

2016 BC Penarol   12games, 25ppg,15rpg,2as,2bl

Bolivia first division

2016-2017 BC AND-1   12games, 30ppg,15rpg,3as,3bl

Peru first division

2017 BC Faraday  10games, 20,1ppg, 10,3rpg,1,5as,1,5bl

Highlight: Summer League 2012

Game :2011-2012 KK Kozuf : white #12

Game: 2014 Bc Concordia Chiajna : green #6

Highlight: Romania

Highlight: Bosnia


Highlight: Bolivia

Highlight Montenegro

full game

Highlight Bolivia

Highlight Peru