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Valia Seferiadou – Strength & Conditioning Coach

First Woman Ever hired as Strength & Conditioning Coach in Greek Men’s Basketball (2019-20 Anatolia)

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Athletic Conditioning Coach

Pilates Specialist

Fitness Consultant

Personal assets

Specialized training and experience with athletic conditioning programming

fitness performance professional

pilates instructor, iraklis WOMEN’S basketball club (wbc)

A1 National Category, Thessaloniki, Greece

August 2017 – today

Athletic Conditioning to WBC athletes, Injury Prevention, Zero injuries until now, Recovery programs after games


September 2017- today

More than 15 athletes per year for Pre-habilitation & Rehabilitation programs


for Pilates Instructors at MP BALATSINOS Fitness School, 2015


KINOYME Dance Studio 2013-2018


injuries and special populations program, toronto, canada 2017

pilates for chronic disease program, toronto, canada 2017

athletic conditioning training, toronto, Canada 2017

athletic conditioning training, stockholm, sweden 2016

Stott pilates training, cyprus 2015

national academy of sports medicine/ athens, greece 2015

american college of Sports science athens, greece 2014

basi pilates systems 2013

hatha yoga 500hrs/ yoga alliance ryt 500hrs 2011

physical education and sports science /Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 2010

International Certifications

Completely Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor from International Organization MERRITHEW (Intensive/Advanced Mat Work IMW/AMW, Intensive/Advanced Reformer IR/AR, Intensive/Advanced Cadillac, Chair, Barrels ICCB/ACCB

Completely Certified Pilates Instructor from International Organization BASI Pilates Systems

First Aid Diploma – Emergency First Responses


The services I will offer as an Athletic Conditioning Coach / Pilates Specialist to the Men’s basketball team of Fenerbahce will be customized after discussion with the head coach, gymnast, physiotherapist and Orthopedic specialist for each athlete in order to maximise their efficiency and output.

There will be 4 different approaches according to the season and subject. Specifically:

During the pre-season

During the competitive season

During the off-season period at the end of the competition period

In Rehabilitation of Injured Athletes

Pre-Season Period:


Strengthening the athletes, with intense exercise, in addition to fitness training programs, to create a workout balance in all muscle groups. My goal is to identify and address issues of balance, rigidity and co-ordination per male athlete.


Prevention of minor injuries (e.g. cramps) as well as more serious ones (e.g. muscle fatigue) during intense physical exercise after the holiday season.

Suggested periodicity and duration of sessions:

3 times per week, 45-60 minutes sessions according to the purpose of each session in a group of 7 people.

During the Competitive Season:

1st Target:

Maintaining the athlete’s fitness by focusing on stretching – myofascial release exercises. The conditioning objectives can be adapted or changed according to the training team’s requirements and the specificities of the fitness of the athletes.


Improved endurance, co-ordination, capability, agility.

Suggested periodicity and duration of sessions:

2 times per week, mainly mid-week, after weights – before practice in collaboration with the fitness program, 45-60 minutes sessions in a group of 7 people.

2nd Target:

Recovery after an intense game or vigorous practice


“Smoothing” of the athletes and avoiding muscular fatigue

Suggested periodicity and duration of sessions:

2 times per week after training or game, 45-60 minutes session in a group of 7

3rd Target:

Appropriate ad hoc preparation for games.

Upon the head coach’s request, I will follow and train the team in home and away games by taking the formulas of the athletes, after the last practice before the game and at the hotel after away games, with myofascial release or stretching.


Mental break, good shape, relaxed muscles for the game, agility, neuromuscular co-ordination.

Suggested periodicity and duration of sessions:

Once a week, in the evening after the end of the last practice before the game and before the massage of the athletes in co-operation with the team’s physiotherapist, 45-60 minutes sessions according to the purpose of each session, with the entire team

Rehabilitation / End of Season:


Rehabilitation and recovery of minor injuries and facilitating with the elimination of muscle or musculoskeletal pain during the period of progressive reduction of athletic activity by using stretching and symmetry exercises for the whole body.


Mental break, muscular recovery and maintenance of the athletic conditioning in preparation for the next season.

Suggested periodicity and duration of sessions:

2 times per week, 45-60 minutes sessions according to the purpose of each session in a group of 7 people

Rehabilitation of Injured Athletes:


In collaboration with the team’s physiotherapist and after the end of physical therapy cycle creating individualized exercises for quicker and smoother reintegration of the athletes into their daily training routine.


Mental destress through participation in mild exercise activities, shorter and improved rehabilitation results by using targeted Pilates and conditioning exercises according to the injury and the athlete.

Suggested periodicity and duration of sessions:

3-4 times per week depending on the injury and always according to the instructions of the physician and the group physiotherapist. 30-40 minutes individualized sessions.